About Syncopainted

Syncopainted Studios was founded by Eric Bodreau [Boo-dro] in 2015. Eric has had a passion for recording production from a very young age. Growing up in the 90s listening to, analyzing and admiring the powerful, unworldly productions of a plethora of alternative rock and indie bands, Bodreau quickly developed an interest in the recording arts.

Eric Bodreau

A Portland, Oregon native, Eric Bodreau of Syncopainted started on percussion in school band at the age of 10. Influenced by a plethora of rock and punk bands like the Offspring, Queens of the Stone Age, and the Mistfits, Eric’s teen years were spent drumming and singing mostly cover songs in various different acts. When he was 16, he started playing in a group known as Neon Culpa. In 2006 they embarked on a national tour with Everclear on the Van Wilder: Rise of Taj Tour. Eric was fortunate to play most of the House of Blues venues throughout the country among others including the Crystal Ballroom (PDX), Harpo’s (Detroit), and the B.B. King Blues Club (NYC). Eric continued to play in Neon Culpa until the right circumstances lead him and his growing family to make the 700 mile trek to Central Idaho to pursue a better life of freedom and music!

In his teens, Bodreau started dabbling with early versions of software such as Cubase and Pro Tools in his band’s home studio. He spent countless hours tracking drums, guitars, and vocals, developing what would make up the fundamentals of his recording career. But this wasn’t the only thing that sparked his interest. Being an avid gamer and computer enthusiast early on, he also wanted to get his feet wet in the art of web design. Working with Microsoft FrontPage, in 2003 Bodreau constructed his first band website. Later realizing FrontPage was not the ideal web software, he started using Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop soon after.

Bodreau decided to attend college for web design after high school. In 2010, he received his Associate’s degree and started constructing his first web design business. Mackay, Idaho During his time in college, he also remained very active with drumming, singing, and recording in his bands and other artists. Life went well in the coming years as he perfected his craft, but there was something missing; professional recording expertise. Eric decided to take a turn in his career path as he headed back to college for music production.

Sycopainted Studios (in the works)

In early 2015, Eric and his young family of 6 decided to move from their home near Portland, Oregon, 6,000 feet up in Rockies of central Idaho to pursue a more independent lifestyle. Eric received his Bachelor's degree in music production (MPBS) in 2018 from Full Sail University. Since then he has been perfecting his home studio and focusing on his passion for composing, producing, and recording music. In mid 2018, Eric reallocated to Boise, Idaho to explore job opportunities and endeavors in the music realm.